In Tanzania, East Africa

17% of women die in child birth

Most of these death are preventable if they could get to a hospital...


Saving Lives

Just one Medical Transport unit could save hundreds of lives a year


Gyrocopters are the safest aircrafts designed to date. If there are mechanical problems, they float back down to the ground


Thanks to the unique design of the gyrocopter we can respond to people in places not accessible by plane or helicopters


These units use standard Subaru car engines for reliability and ease of maintenance. No special airplane motors, no special mechanics and low maintenance costs.

Our Mission

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In Tanzania, East Africa (population 48 million), more than 17% of women die in child birth. Most of these are preventable if the women could reach a hospital in time.

There is little to no infrastructure in these areas and even if there were, the cost of a vehicle that can travel into the bush is around $50K and is very slow. Planes are not an option because they need a runway and helicopters are VERY expensive to own and operate.

Simple solution is a ruggedized gyrocopter (aka auto gyro).

High Tech, Low Cost

Over 1,000 autogyros worldwide are used by authorities for military and law enforcement, but the first US Police authorities to evaluate an autogyro are the Tomball, Texas, police, on a grant from DoJ together with city funds, costing much less than a helicopter to buy and operate

These medical evac units can be produced in the coutries that need them most and get them quickly, and cheaply, into the hands of the hospitals in developing world quickly

Meet Patrick

I studied Mechanical Engineering at Messiah College where I built experimental racecars and composite materials design. I am currently a Software architect with 12 years’ experience in enterprise level software solutions. I own a small software firm (5 developers) and design/build medium size, public facing business apps.

My family and I are preparing to move to Arusha, Tanzania in the summer of 2016. My wife is a veterinarian and will be joining a group of trainers supporting community development efforts. We are associated with a few large organizations including the Christian Medical and Dental Association (, which have doctors all over the world in need of a solution like this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do they cost?

We are expecting the cost to be under $35K per unit. This is at least 1/3 the cost of a plane

Are they safe?

Very! The hybrid design of the plane and gyrocopter gives you the best of both worlds in safety with out the drawbacks of each

How fast and how high do they fly?

These are low speed, low altitude aircraft. Cruising speed is roughly 80-90 mph at under 1,000 altitude.

Why not just use a plane or helicopter?

Simple: Planes need runways and these don't. Helicopters are very expensive to own and maintain.

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